60 Things to Teach Your Kids Before They Leave the Nest! - Rivertowns Moms
  1. Changing a tire
  2. Stock market 101
  3. Balancing banking
  4. Resume building
  5. Cooking: boiling an egg, scrambled eggs, pasta, salad, smoothie
  6. Credit score
  7. Sewing a button on
  8. Etiquette
  9. Laundry and what gets dry cleaned
  10. Budgeting
  11. How loans work – mortgage, car
  12. Loan vs purchase car
  13. Rent vs buy house
  14. Writing a thank you note and addressing envelope
  15. How credit cards work
  16. Public speaking
  17. Typing
  18. Self defense
  19. Negotiating
  20. How to play with a baby
  21. How to garden
  22. Hang a picture
  23. Wash dishes
  24. Ask questions to get to know someone better
  25. CPR
  26. Basic First Aid
  27. Check tire pressure, fill bike tire and car
  28. Read a map/plan a trip
  29. How to seek council from someone more experienced
  30. Care for a pet
  31. Select a thoughtful gift
  32. Admit a mistake
  33. Set a table
  34. Iron a shirt
  35. When to call an attorney
  36. Weigh pros and cons
  37. Dust
  38. Read a recipe
  39. Vacuums the stairs
  40. Change a lightbulb
  41. Open, close, lock windows
  42. Use a fire extinguisher
  43. Clean a refrigerator
  44. Write a check
  45. Refill a stapler
  46. Recycle
  47. Pump gas
  48. How insurance works (health, renters, home etc)
  49. Hygiene – flossing, body odor
  50. How to be resilient
  51. Stain treatment (clothes, carpet…)
  52. How to hang something on the wall
  53. How to clean your home
  54. Respect for elders
  55. How to listen without judging
  56. What consent means
  57. Your value
  58. Give back to your community
  59. Appropriate attire for various settings
  60. Your body belongs to you

This post originally appeared on The Local Moms Network

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